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The Sector

ECTs set up intergenerational care facility in Mornington, inspired by grandmother

Rose and Barry Smith are a husband and wife duo who are current residents of Uniting AgeWell Andrew Kerr Care Community. They are both looking forward to participating in the intergenerational activities, which they said “will bring a sense of community into our home; a great enjoyment that will not only enrich our lives in residential care, but also the children’s”.

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Aged Care News

The Herd proudly blazing trail for the future of intergenerational care and learning

Created by sisters and early childhood teachers, Anna and Fiona Glumac, the development was inspired by their much adored late grandmother, Mary, who spent the last year of her life in a residential aged care facility.

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The Senior

Childcare centre in aged care home brings together young and old   
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The Herd co-director, Anna Glumac, said the project, which involves the licensed child care centre sharing the same roof as an aged care facility, is the first of its kind in Australia. 

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Mornington Peninsula News

Andrew Kerr plans moves for young and old

The state government is giving $500,000 towards an educational centre where the old and the young can learn together. The intergenerational learning centre is being established at Andrew Kerr Care in Tanti Avenue, Mornington by The Herd ILC, run by sisters Anna and Fiona Glumac. The announcement was made by the government three days before

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Premier of Victoria

New Intergenerational Learning Centre in Mornington
Premier of Victoria

Young and elderly Victorians will learn under the same roof together, with the Andrews Labor Government backing construction of an intergenerational learning centre in Mornington. Minister for Early Childhood Ingrid Stitt today announced Andrew Kerr Care will receive $500,000 from the Labor Government to construct a 66-place facility creating an Intergenerational Learning Centre. 

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Australian Institute for Intergenerational Practice

Construction is underway on a shared roof model of intergenerational care in the Mornington Peninsula
Australian Institute for Intergenerational Practice

The journey of The Herd Intergenerational Learning Centre ('The Herd') began over 4 years ago when sisters Anna and Fiona watched a moving documentary on a world-recognised intergenerational care centre in Seattle. 


The Age

‘Now more than ever we need connection’: joint childcare and aged care to open

It’s a model popularised by ABC’s Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds, a show Ms Glumac said had helped people see the value of intergenerational care.

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